tell yourself you’re hot. tell yourself you’re amazing. tell yourself you’re untouchably, radiantly attractive. do it every day, even if it feels like you’re lying to yourself. insist to the mirror that you’re the cutest thing its ever reflected. if you do it enough eventually it wont feel like lying anymore, it’ll be automatic, and you’ll recognize yourself as the incredible babe you really are.

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Greanbean popsicle and strawberry tea


greenbean popsicle: something I’m jealous of

Hmmm. People who can memorize things with ease. I don’t learn in a way that is the most suitable for my school, I’m much better at teaching it to someone, explaining it in simpler terms or making comparisons to real life. Or creating it visually. But to memorize and answer multiple choice tests I tend to struggle.

strawberry tea: favorite outfit

This is a toughie. Ummm I love a lot of my clothes but I have this black peplum top and my boobs just look flawless in it. It even has like these weird stains on my hip but I still wear it anyway. (I was at a stupid glow party and someone got dayglow paint on me)

I’m still mad about the paint but I can’t stop wearing it.




An asexual and pansexual become room-mates and have wacky adventures

The show is called ‘All or Nothing’

Plot twist: the asexual is really super outgoing and is a huge flirt while the pansexual is extremely socially awkward and has trouble ordering coffee let alone getting a date.


my hand slipped

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these are the cutest omg please
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